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2009-02-13 ZB1 Karajou's "friend" is back again....
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Karajou's "friend" is back again....

"TK" <>, Fri, 13 Feb 2009 14:43:01 -0800:

Posted to Karajou, and all of us, I see the notes say, from
User:AdamTFicher <>  

This latest IP, from the Russian Federation, is now range blocked, as is the
editor name.


Karajou - I did not receive any email. My email is,
and you will have to send it from a private email server since Microsoft
Outlook seems to automatically delete everything from public sites such as
Conservapedia for some reason. Or you could just send me a message on my
talk page; I would love to have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with you
about my opinions! I realize that I am violating the multiple accounts rule,
but you and the other Admins regularly violate your own rules on a daily
basis. The topics on your talk page entitled "Edit Question" and "Block" are
an excellent display of selective law enforcement, something that is very
much Anti-American, wouldn't you agree? What this practice does is
discriminate. It's like racism against those who disagree. Again, please
send me a message or a private email. I love discussion! Lastly, what do you
feel that I am lying about? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Jared Hoeft.

Hello, Conservapedia. My name is Jared Hoeft, and I became a user on this
site under the name of ForeverPeace with the hopes of being able to reverse
some of the hateful partisanship I saw flooding through almost every page. I
wanted to help people get along with one another, and I wished to display my
opinions as one man's ideas, while at the same time respecting the rules and
the opinions of others, in the hopes of showing my fellow users kindness,
open mindedness, and love. It pains me to admit this, but I now see that
this mission is impossible. Please, read this entire essay before erasing
it, and please, talk to me about it before banning me. I apologize in
advance for sounding angry in this essay, and I apologize to anybody who
feels personally offended. Please email me with your concerns. My email is

Allow me to begin with a brief self-explanation. I was born into a Christian
and moderately Liberal family 17 years ago, and I was immersed in the
Methodist Church from my earliest infancy. When I was in middle school, I
began to reconsider my religious beliefs. It's not that I didn't love my
family, for they are wonderful people. I simply wanted to start thinking for
myself. For a while, I was Atheist because it was the cool thing to do in my
group of friends. Then I became a self-aware Christian for a short time,
before becoming something of a directionless Agnostic. My thoughts on this
matter are this: God did not create man, man created God. I look back to
ancient civilizations like Ur, Rome, and Egypt, and I see barbaric religions
bluntly based on control and tradition, often maintaining influence through
fear. Today's religions are much more thoughtful than those, but at their
core, they are no different. Religions, like the sciences, are the product
of human beings attempting to explain the world around them. I can't put my
faith in either of the two, but I have to say I prefer science because true
scientists go out into the field in order to establish a hypothesis or piece
of knowledge, while religious science goes out with a preconceived notion it
wants to defend.

When I look at Religion, I generally see control and the suppression of
thought. I was born into a Christian family, and therefore I was a
Christian. However, had I been born in India, I probably would have been
Hindu. We as a species so easily accept what is dumped into our brains as
the truth without thought or honest observance and self-examination. I do
not self-identify as a Conservative, a Liberal, or any other ideological
categorization. I recognize that many of my ideas are Liberal in nature, and
because my family tends to be Liberal, I must always question whether the
things I believe are my ideas or the ideas of my parents. I simply haven't
decided what makes the most sense to me philosophically; to me, and to the
pastor at my church, spirituality is a journey, not a static choice. I'm on
a search for a truth I may never find, but my solace is that I am open to
every different opinion to some extent.

Sorry about that! I just had to get it off my chest. When I first became a
user at CP not too long ago, I entered with the plan of creating and editing
only non-controversial pages, mainly involving music. I decided that I would
not make any controversial mainspace edits, but I have contributed my
thoughts to several talk pages, which leads me to the reason that I am
writing this manifesto. Conservapedia was founded with the perceived
intention of providing an alternative to Wikipedia written from a
family-friendly, Pro-American, Conservative, and Young Earth Creationist
viewpoint. I am not here to argue about the validity of any of those
matters; they are all unfalsifiable viewpoints that generate useless,
endless bickering. I am here to say that CP has become something that's
almost the exact opposite of what it aspired to be.

Conservapedia is fascism disguised and promoted as Christianity. Fascism is
defined as a political system of thought aimed at controlling a nation under
a single-party system with a dictator, who eliminates thoughts and actions
that he/she and the ruling party view as detrimental to the society (see for my source). This is precisely what Conservapedia is: When
somebody disagrees with the dictator (Andrew Schlafly) and his political
party (Extreme Conservatism), he or she is eliminated from the site. If you
so much as admit to holding liberal thoughts, you run a high risk of being
permanently banned, your thoughts and words forever suppressed. THIS IS
FASCISM. Allow me to present some examples.

First and foremost is the page that originally drove me to join CP, the talk
page to an entry lovingly titled "Mystery: Why do Non-Conservatives Exist?"
Here's the link:
On this page, I watched in horror as people were banned left and right for
pointing out that the "Statistical Analysis" was complete bogus, having no
legitimate citations or factual backups. Conservapedia states in its page on
deceit that Liberals are the prime practitioners, but this page presents the
opposite message. This is a prime example of the opinions of some being
expressed blatantly as the absolute truth. It's truly disgusting.

For another prime example, see the page on Barack Obama. Once again
expressing opinions as the absolute truth, alternative ideas are suppressed.
Furthermore, there is no sense of clarity or writing ability on the page,
which meanders meaninglessly from one hateful opinion of Obama to another.
Site admins claim that it is up to the reader to decide what they think, but
the reader has no choices to make when all they are presented with is one
viewpoint. An encyclopedia's job is to present the various opinions of many
as just that: opinions. Their prime function should be to strive for the
underlying truth, if there is any, but Conservapedia refuses to remove the
fish-eye lens. I found this gem by Mr. Schlafly himself in the talk page on

"Myles, one can tell you're a liberal just by observing how many words it
takes you to say nothing. Your non-American spelling of "honor" is also a
giveaway."--Andy Schlafly 22:43, 29 January 2009 (EST)

See the subsection entitled "Real Koran NOT Bible" to check the context of
this quote. Basically, Myles was saying that we should wait until Obama has
been the president for a while before we throw our hatred at him, and I
couldn't agree more. Our duty as Americans is to help our President do the
best job he can of leading our nation, and fighting amongst ourselves
doesn't help at all. Instead of addressing Myles's points, Andy simply
gripes about foreign spelling and accuses Myles of being Liberal. And that
brings me to my next piece of evidence.

First sentence on the entry entitled Conservative: "A conservative is one
who adheres to principles of limited government, personal responsibility and
moral values."

First sentence on the entry entitled Liberal: "A liberal is someone who
rejects logical and biblical standards, often for self-centered reasons."

"Per capita atheists and agnostics in the United States give significantly
less to charity than theists even when church giving is not counted for
theists." (Taken from Conservapedia's Main Page)

Non-POV? That's a complete farce. These opinion-drenched "definitions" show
Conservapedia for what it is: A political propaganda machine bent on
demonizing Liberals/Non-Christians and removing them from positions of
power, regardless of their intelligence or ability. The Main Page itself
contains an abundance of "News Articles" that focus on making Liberalism
look bad, without showing any faults within Conservativism. Wikipedia does
indeed have a Liberal bias, in my humble opinion, simply because many of the
lead editors are Liberal. Conservapedia was founded to eliminate that bias,
but it has become the ultimate example of the very thing it wanted to
destroy. Jesus said in Matthew 7: "And why do you look at the speck in your
brother's eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you
say to your brother, 'Let me remove the speck from your eye'; and look, a
plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own
eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's

Conservapedia is the embodiment of hypocrisy, accusing Liberals of the very
things it does best: Demonize, deceive, poison, undermine unity, control
thoughts, and etcetera. It's not an encyclopedia at all; it's a place for
immature "Christians" to go and foster hatred for those who disagree. It
violates its own rules and morals left and right through a system of
selective enforcement; only

Brian Macdonald <>, Sat, 14 Feb 2009 00:00:45 -0600:

None of this man's names should be counted on as real.  He's got a pattern
of lying and there is no reason at all that we should tolerate it.

2009-02-13 ZB1 user ForeverPeace
2009-02-13 ZB1 Tor network
2009-02-13 ZB1 Karajou's "friend" is back again....
2009-02-14 ZB1 TK's range block of
2009-02-14 ZB1 Check User Request

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