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2009-03-17 ZB1 Multiple issues (mostly good); hiatus.
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2009-03-17 ZB1 user: whraglyn
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user: whraglyn

Jessica <>, Tue, 17 Mar 2009 00:50:45 -0700 (PDT):

I blocked this user for inappropriate username (using the "use your
real first name and initial" reason) a while ago and have received
several e-mails from him subsequently. I have made it abundantly clear
that he is still welcome to sign on accordingly, but I am not
reversing my decision.

However, given his last e-mail and the veiled threats contained
therein, I thought I would give the committee a heads up, seeing as
he's now threatening to approach other admins to appeal, and I would
rather not waste everybody's time. If he is being like over a user
name, is this really somebody we want on board?

Text of last message:
Ms. JessicaT,
Thanks for taking time to respond to my attempts at understanding your

Regarding your reference below to my '...repeated emails...':
Your CP userpage showed you as being present online each of the times
I visited your userpage. When you did not reply to the initial
webmail, although your CP userpage said you were online, I sent
followup webmails in hope of catching a busy CP Amin's attention.
Since your email below says you had no chance until yesterday to read
anything sent you by me, I assume you read my sendings to you all at
Therefore, one may excuse your apparent, and erroneous, assumption of
ulterior motive in my '...repeated emails...' to you in trying to
signup, Ma'am.  Your clumsily veiled hints regarding my motives in
signing up are no more than indicative of certain biases within you,
and of your reflexive v. reflective decisions.

As well, the address in your reply below of only one among the valid
points raised in my prior sendings could give rise to imputations of
conclusion-jumping and motive-assignment on your part, Ma'am.

Since my good faith desire to assist in growing CP assumes your
sincere like intent, I have avoided making veiled ad hominem
accusations as you have done in your email below.

In your reply to my sincere requests for information which would help
me understand your rationale, you have done no more than state your
autocratic authority.

In making no mention of any of the routine methods of appealing Admin
decisions such as yours, you imply strongly there are no alternate
avenues for use by anyone who might disagree with one of your
decisions, though you know that such appeals are routine in CP.

You have not substantively answered any of my politely phrased and
courteously toned queries raising legitimate points concerning the
arbitrary form in which you have imposed your will in this matter.

In your only sending to me, you did not address me as a person at all,
despite my continual and continued extension of such routine
courtesies to you, Ma'am.

From the above, as well as from other factual and behavioral
indications in your CP writing and your correspondence with me, it
would be easy to infer that you have within your character a number of
negative personal and emotional biases which may prevent you not only
from making reasonable decisions regarding CP, but also from using the
sort of everyday civility routine among adults.

Please respond in substance to the points I respectfully and
courteously raised in my prior sendings to you, Ma'am.
Short of a meaningful reply from you within a reasonable time frame, I
shall begin the process of appealing your ruling to other CP
Thank you again for all the work you have done on and for CP,
I look forward to working with you toward bettering CP over many
coming years, Ma'am.

Best Regards,
Scott Ragland
San Antonio, TX

"TK" <>, Tue, 17 Mar 2009 00:55:29 -0700:

Watch and note his account, Jessica.....I am giving him the attention he so
obviously wants.  His email reminds me of AmesG.

You should never feel obligated to keep re-explaining.


Brian Macdonald <>, Tue, 17 Mar 2009 03:02:25 -0500:

He was told clearly to have a better user name, and I believe he was told
this in a polite manner by Jessica; he is showing signs he doesn't want to
do that.

He can stay out as far as I'm concerned.  Good move, Jessica!

"TK" <>, Tue, 17 Mar 2009 01:06:05 -0700:

User's email cut off, user IP vaporized.  I hope you won't find me too
presumptuous, Jessica, but no one should ever have to deal with that. One
assumes editors or potential editors would have the intelligence to
understand your block and simply make a new user name.  That he was willing
to keep arguing, without apparent end, shows we certainly don't want him


Jessica Kotomi Tanaka <>, Tue, 17 Mar 2009 10:12:53 +0200:

Not presumptuous at all, Terry - thank you to you and Brian for your help on

2009-03-17 ZB1 Multiple issues (mostly good); hiatus.
2009-03-17 ZB1 Che page
2009-03-17 ZB1 user: whraglyn
2009-03-17 FF Trent
2009-03-18 FF WesleyS

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