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Bible project proposals

Karajou <>, Fri, 28 Jan 2011 19:24:19 -0600:

In the main, PRIMARY interest of not offending God by the alteration or
"dumbing down" of His Word, the following are suggestions for the
improvement of the CBP:

1.  Change the name of the project to "Conservapedia Bible Project."  The
word "conservative" is still political in nature, and the Bible is not a
political book.  It stands on its own, and by placing a political
perspective on it gives the suggestion that God picks right over left,
rather than right over wrong.  As men, we cannot put this kind of
perspective on the Bible, nor should we take a chance on doing so.

2.  By emphasizing "best of the public" we should encourage all who wish to
do so to help in the translation from the 17th century English of the KJV to
modern English in the side-by-side layout currently there.  This
encouragement will have the added benefit of gaining a new generation of
Christians as they discover the meanings of the Bible through the study of
the ancient languages, and it is that kind of study that we should have as
an educational website.

3.  The exposure of liberal versions of the Bible should be continued.
Works like *The Message* and *Good News Translation* have deliberately
distorted meanings; by emphasizing that, we are doing our service within
Conservapedia by exposing liberal corruption.  Information on these
distortions can be placed within the side panels of the chapter layouts, or
in footnotes along the bottom.

4.  The historical nature of the Bible must be preserved at all times.  For
instance, the term "wine" must be used instead of "grape juice"; wine is
fermented over time to gain alcohol content, and unless there are
indications within and without the Bible that this is not so - that the wine
was drunk immediately after the pressing of the grapes - we should continue
to use the word "wine."  Footnotes at the bottom offering our own
explanations would still be better; in this fashion we would have a working

Look at it this way: God's Word is not going to pass away, but everyone who
ever lived is going to have to give an account.  In this case, I want the
translation to be done right - His way - and not wrong.

Temlakos <>, Fri, 28 Jan 2011 20:27:59 -0500:

All right, then: I shall have to ask my pastor to provide me some
references to show that the Greek /glukes/ and the Hebrew /yayin/ stand
for freshly squeezed grape juice that is /not/ fermented. I assure you
that I am certain of my facts, however.

In Proverbs, you'll find a verse that says, "Don't even look at the
/yayin/ after it has turned bubbly." To me, that means "fermented."


Karajou <>, Fri, 28 Jan 2011 19:37:51 -0600:

Just remember though, and this is about me:  I did not make a study of grape
juice vs wine in the Bible, so Terry, you are probably correct in your
statement here; what I am saying is a need to ensure we are clearly on God's
side; that we have proper references, a good foundation, and to give our
critics no excuses.

Besides, your explanations on *glukes* vs *yayin* would make for good
commentary in the appropriate chapters.

conservative777 <>, Sat, 29 Jan 2011 13:01:23 -0800 (PST):

I agree 100% concerning the name change from Conservaitve Bible
Project to the Conservapedia Bible Project. There hasn't been a single
prominent conservative, conservative religious leader,
conservative theologian, or conservative Bible scholar who has
endorsed the project and I think the name of the project is a
problem. It has all been negative in that respect.

Second, I think that studying culture of the time period is important
concerning translating. For example. the Israeli people had 12
tribes.  I am sure that Ancient Near Eastern tribal/kinship concepts
are prevalent in the OT text.

Third,  by saying we have a set of pre-conceived conservative terms we
want to inject into the text, you are giving the impression that we
want to shoehorn those terms into the Bible.

Andy <>, Sat, 29 Jan 2011 16:13:44 -0800 (PST):

I spoke with User:Conservative about this earlier today, and Karajou
raises some important issues.  But I feel that "conservative" is an
important term to continue to use in connection with this project.  It
indicates that we're not going to be fooled by, or allow, liberal
distortions of the Bible.

Liberal politics is having too negative an effect on Christianity.
Our "conservative" Bible project is one important way to negate the
liberal distortions.  Look at how much liberals have complained about
it.  That's a good sign.

In Christ,


2011-01-27 CG CP Friend, likely CP Foe
2011-01-27 CG KendallS block
2011-01-29 CG Bible project proposals
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